Tuna Rockstar


This cannabis strain came to be by crossing Rockstar with Tuna Kush. Tuna Rockstar contains 90% Indica and 10% Sativa, offering high THC levels that usually range between 19% and 26%. The aroma of this weed bud usually delivers a strong, pungent scent of fish, herbs, and spicy grapes. The taste is somewhat sweeter, with notes of sweet grapes, spicy herbs, and earthy skunkiness.

Tuna Rockstar offers a heavily relaxing body high that may help with chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. The first couple waves of its high, you may be comforted by uplifting euphoric feelings that allow your mind to relax with your body. It is very unlikely that you will be able to focus on tasks during the high of this marijuana, so plan on some tasty snacks and a movie before a possible couch-lock and long-night sleep step in.

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