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Independent Corrosion Consultancy  

James B. Bushman is a Registered Professional Corrosion Engineer and holds NACE International's highest level of certification as a Cathodic Protection Specialist.   He is recognized on a world wide basis as a corrosion and corrosion control expert as well as a premier instructor offering courses on corrosion investigation, evaluation, mitigation and monitoring for Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies, NACE International (formerly The National Association of Corrosion Engineers), Federal, State County Highway Administrators  and Engineers, Universities and other national and international organizations.

Mr. Bushman is uniquely well qualified to provide expert witness services and to find the answer to many corrosion problems on a large diversity of structures in many different environments.  He provides corrosion control program review and effectiveness evaluation to major oil and gas pipeline companies as well as oil marketers owning UST's and AST's.

Bushman and Associates offers:

State of the art computer controlled corrosion field and laboratory testing using computer controlled DC corrosioin rate and form analysis including Tafel, ElogI, Potentiostatic, Potentiodynamic, Linear Polarization, Polarization Resistance, Galvanodynamic and Galvanostatic, Cyclic Polarization, Corrosion Reactivation, and Variable Frequency AC Impedance Spectroscopy.

B&A maintains a full complement of conventional and computer enhanced laboratory and field measurement meters, data loggers and test equipment as well as computer hardware & software featuring custom corrosion analysis programs for laboratory, office and field testing and analysis.  B&A is committed to constantly updating this hardware and software as well as maintaining one of the most extensive private libraries in the world on corrosion, compiled over Mr. Bushman's more than 39 years of working in the field of corrosion investigation, testing and analysis. This library includes more than 1000 definitive books and manuals on corrosion and corrosion control as well as more than 40,000 cataloged white papers on virtually every aspect of corrosion and corrosion control for submerged, buried, atmospherically exposed and concrete encapsulated metal structures.

In addition, B&A works closely with a network of the world's leading field oriented Professional Engineering experts in all related engineering disciplines necessary for providing a complete solution to corrosion problems. These expert associates are available for consultation through Bushman & Associates or by direct referral depending on the client's needs.

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